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    • Melody Auteur van dit bericht:

      Op de foto wel ja…. in het echt niet….. je hoort Jim jou allerlei dingen vertellen… en het tochtje is te kort om echt in een zenstadium te komen helaas…

  1. jesh stg

    Wonder what it looks like when it’s full…also it looks like it’s “home made!” I like creative people:)

    • Melody Auteur van dit bericht:

      I will make some photo’s soon… I did than, but cant find them right now …

      Creative, i do think and come up with my ideas.. my husband does the work 😉

    • Melody Auteur van dit bericht:

      Hi Janice…

      Its a little part of a very large construction…wich provides a part of The Netherlands with power through the energy-net one has in their home

      thank you

        • Melody Auteur van dit bericht:

          How wonderful Janice, wishing you lots and lots of fun….

          Amsterdam is a 2 hrs drive for me… lies aprox. in the middle, horizontaly spoken, to the west side…
          i live up north to the east-side… in a much rural surroundings then where Amsterdam lies.

          However…. do have fun, i hope that all the Dutch treats will pleasure you!

          • Janice Adcock

            We will be going by coach to The Hague and Delft. Having grown up on a farm it would have been nice to have seen more countryside. Thanks for the good wishes. Please, keep sharing your beautiful photos!

            • Melody Auteur van dit bericht:

              Its (ofcourse) a matter of taste but if i may say so: Both cities you will visit are worth visiting, so much more then Amsterdam 😉

              Yes indeed it would… well maybe another time again?

              I will 😉

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