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Hello and good morning, -afternoon, -evening, dear people who all participate is this wonderful photomeme, which is a joy to me, week after week, after week. I’m always curious to what you come up with!

The challenging letter of this week is the and I’ve chosen for the word Netherlands

Quit a logical choice isn’t it, for a participant who lives there?!
I presume most of you don’t know to much Dutch people, but at least you know two when you are participating in this meme, our co-participant and my co-teammember,  Reader Wil is one and the other is me !

Born and raised in The Netherlands, so I am living here for over 53 years now.
Although my country is a Kingdom, the land is ruled by a government, of which I won’t say anything further because I can’t be positive about that in no way at all.

My country is not that large but it has 12 provinces, including lots of islands in different sizes. And ofcourse, I must not forget, Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Saba, Sint Eustatius &
Sint Maarten are part of this kingdom too.

From left-top to right bottom they are called: Friesland, Groningen (were I was born), Noord-Holland, Flevoland, Drenthe (were I live now), Utrecht, Overijssel, Gelderland,
Zuid-Holland, Zeeland, Brabant en Limburg.
Some numbers:
The Netherlands have 16,8 miljoen inhabitants and per province approximately:
Friesland 647.000 –
Groningen 190.00 –
Noord-Holland 2.7 million –
Flevoland 403.000 –
Drenthe 489.000 –
Utrecht 312.000 –
Overijssel 1.1 million –
Gelderland 2.1 million –
Zuid-Holland 3.6 million –
Zeeland 381.000
Brabant 1.5 million
Limburg 1.2 million

What I love about my country is the region I was born and raised in… the fact that I don’t have to take a plane to visit relatives or friends, all can be done by train or car. By bicycle even if I would choose to… and take several days for it. If I would do 100 km per day…
It would take up to max 5 days to get from the northern point to the southern point.
Although my country is in size very small, it has lots of different languages, lots of different cultures and so many more other things. What I also love about my country is the common language, it is difficult to learn, not only for foreigners! Its a very challenging language.
I would never choose to emigrate to another country how ever bad I  feel about what our government does or not does.

Have ave a nice ABC-Wednesday-day / – week ~ ♫ M e l o d y ♫ (ABC-W-team)


Goedemorgen / – middag / – avond beste deelnemers in deze mooi foto-uitdaging, waar ik week na week iedere keer weer veel plezier beleef. Ik ben elke week weer heel benieuwd naar waar jullie mee komen.

De uitdagende letter van deze week is de letter N en ik koos voor het woord Nederland

Eigenlijk wel een heel logische keuze niet, voor een deelnemer die hier woont?
Ik veronderstel (voor de buitenlandse deelnemers) dat je weinig Nederlanders kent maar in ieder geval ken je er 2 als je aan deze uitdaging deelneemt, onze mede-deelnemer en mijn mede-teamlid Reader Wil is de ene en de andere ben ik !

Geboren en getogen in Nederland woon ik er inmiddels ruim 53 jaar. Alhoewel mijn land een koninkrijk is wordt het geregeerd door een regering. Daar ga ik verder maar niet over uitweiden want ik kan daar geenszins iets positiefs over zeggen.

Mijn land is niet groot maar heeft 12 provincies, inclusief vele eilanden waaronder, dat mag ik niet vergeten; Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Saba, Sint Eustatius & Sint Maarten.

Nederland telt 16.8 miljoen inwoners en verdeeld over de provincies levert dat het volgende rijtje op:
Friesland 647.000 –
Groningen 190.00 –
Noord-Holland 2.7 miljoen –
Flevoland 403.000 –
Drenthe 489.000 –
Utrecht 312.000 –
Overijssel 1.1 miljoen –
Gelderland 2.1 miljoen –
Zuid-Holland 3.6 miljoen –
Zeeland 381.000
Brabant 1.5 miljoen
Limburg 1.2 miljoen

Wat ik mooi vind aan mijn land is de regio waarin ik geboren werd en opgroeide. Het feit dat ik geen vliegtuig hoef te pakken om familie of vrienden te bezoeken. Dat kan allemaal met het OV of met de auto. Het zou zelf op de fiets kunnen als ik daar wat tijd voor uit zou trekken. Stel dat ik 100km per dag zou fietsen dan zou ik in maximaal 5 dagen van het meest noordelijke puntje naar het meest zuidelijke puntje kunnen fietsen.
Alhoewel mijn land in formaat erg klein is heeft het onnoemlijk veel verschillende talen, veel verschillende culturen en veel veel veel meer verschillende dingen. Wat ik ook prachtig vind aan het Nederlands zijn is de Nederlandse taal, een erg uitdagende en moeilijke taal en niet alleen voor buitenlanders. Ik zou nooit kiezen voor het emigreren naar een ander land ook al ben ik het nog zo oneens met wat onze regering flikt.

Wens je een fijne ABC-Wednesday-dag / – week. ~♫ M e l o d y ♫ (ABC-W-team)

Over Melody

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  1. Heel verstandig het niet over de regering te hebben. Groningen telt de minste inwoners. Ik ben meteen fan! Veel mensen laten Latijnse spreuken op hun lichaam tatoeëren “omdat veel mensen die niet kunnen lezen.” Nou, er zijn meer “Latijnlezers”, dan Nederlandstalige lezers (-:
    Soms zou ik naar Scandinavië willen emigreren maar ik denk dat wanneer ik daar ben, toch heimwee krijg naar Nederland. Dus blijf ik gezellig hier.
    Dikke kus ♥

  2. You live in a fascinating Kingdom. Thanks for sharing some information about it.
    I would love to visit sometime.

    • Thank you Photowannabe, I can imagine that it must feel that way for someone who doesn’t live here… I feel the same for other country’s …

      Maybe you will 😉

  3. We plan to visit the Netherlands in the future so thank you for
    this most informative writing,

    Best wishes,
    ABCW team

  4. Netherlands is in my bucket list. What a beautiful country as I’ve seen from all the photos on blogs and not just in Amsterdam. Someday hopefully I get to witness the beauty with my own eyes.


    • That is nice to read Photo Cache …
      I hope for you that that wish will come true… and I can imagine that Amsterdam must be very appealing for non-Dutch-people but personally I would not recommend that city… there are lots of other places which, in my opinion, are much more worth visiting…. but that is all a matter of taste I guess 😉

  5. I would love to visit your country and meet both you and Wil. I feel as though I already “know” you both through ABCW!

    abcw team

    • 😉 I can’t speak for Wil ofcourse but I think that she would love that like I would love to welcome you in person on Dutch ground. Wil and I live 2.5 hrs drive by car apart from each other.

  6. A very interesting post, Melody. I have a number of Dutch friends, and also some Dutch ancestors, so have always felt a kinship with the Netherlands.

  7. Great to know new things about Netherlands! Thank you Melody:)

  8. Very informative post. Good choice for N.
    Happy ABCW!

  9. I like a map. I visited Amsterdam (for the art museums) and surrounding area about 40 years ago, things may have changed! (I remember a good bus service). In the years since I have only seen Ijmuiden and the roads as we drive off the ferry and head off over the border. Someday we will have to take a different turning and in that case I’ve got the Kröller-Müller Musuem, Utrecht and Friesland on my bucket list.

    • haha things indeed have changed some more some less …the busservice for instance is far less good now

      aha nice… totally different surroundings, you will enjoy it… Friesland the most I guess quit safely 😉

  10. I’m sure you know more about the US than I know about the Netherlands!


  11. I would love to visit The Netherlands one day! It was fun to learn a bit more about this country.
    I’ve been to Aruba, Bonaire, Saba, and Sint Maarten. In St. Maarten, my husband and I have an every other year timeshare. I love the variety of beaches.

  12. I appreciate your post, Melody. I don’t know anything about Netherlands. I remember two stories I read as a kid that now I’m not sure if they were based in Netherlands. The story about little boy who stuck his finger in a dike to keep his village from being flooded. And, the story about Hans and his silver skates.

    • Thank you Su-sieee

      Glad to be able to tell you something so you know more now

      You are correct,
      that first story is the legend of Hansje Brinker about the city Haarlem
      that second story is equal to the first, its the same story about the same boy.

  13. My son married a Dutch girl, and they live in Amsterdam. My little grandson has both nationalities, he is German and Dutch ! His mothertongue is Dutch, but with his father and us he speaks French.

  14. I would love to visit the Netherlands. Perhaps someday. A very interesting post.

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