Mrs. Nesbitts’ ABC-Wednesday ~ 17-L

L for Love… the most beautiful word wich starts with L, i think, don’t you agree?
Love is this case for animals and zoo’s. I try to visit them as often as i can, never leave my camera at home ofcourse, and i never have to go alone. There is always someone who loves to accompanie me… and that, i love too ofcourse.

L voor Liefde… het mooiste woord dat met L begint, vind ik, vind je ook niet?
Liefde in dit geval voor dieren en dierentuinen. Ik probeer zo vaak als ik kan een dierentuin te bezoeken en laat daarbij mijn camera natuurlijk nooit thuis. Ook hoef ik nooit alleen te gaan, er is altijd wel iemand die mij met Liefde vergezelt en daar hou ik natuurlijk weer van!

(Zoo Tallinn – Estonia-Estland)

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  1. Fantastic shot of the leopard! It IS wonderful that someone who loves you is there for you when you want to share an adventure.

    abcw team

  2. I love life but I’m afraid I don’t like Zoos,
    I think the animals should be in their own habitat.
    Lovely picture of the leopard, handsome beast !

    Have a lovely weekend,
    Best wishes,
    ABCW team.

    1. In that aspect you are totaly right Di…
      I love zoo’s because they had a great educative function… and i am very glad that Dutch zoo’s treat their animals as good as possible…. all they can do to make their surroundings as comfortable as possible they do.

      Thank you, that (female) Rica in my favourite zoo in Holland (in Emmen)

      Thank you, you2

    1. Indeed Photowannabe… i always enjoy that very very much.

      This sign stands in Tallinn Zoo, and i loved it to… had never seen something like this before.

    1. Thank you Ira….

      Rica, (her name), mostly hides behind/under bushes . but 2 weeks ago we had a lucky day … she sat bij the window for ‘hours’ so we could take many shots of her.

      Indeed, i think so too!

  3. What a lovely engraved zoo sign and complete with human:-) I like how you have also manged to centre the building in the background in the other O. OOh so nice.

    1. The sign is…. the zoo need lots of ‘upgrading’ … but beeing short of money…. they can’t but do their very best possible…

    1. I like to think so to Gattina

      Eh did you go to Pairi Daiza (Brugellete) by any chance?
      And yes those creatures are truly amazing!

  4. You and Roger Green 🙂 I don’t love zoos (someday, I hope there will only be sanctuaries) but I did like your photograph and I do love animals.

    1. I think that he and i agree about the importance of that word 😉

      I can understand that Carol… but zoo’s are more and more becoming sanctuaries, here in The Nederlands at least, i hope everywhere in the world!

      Thank you!!

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