Mrs. Nesbitts’ ABC-Wednesday ~ 17-K

Well… to get the photo you want… you sometimes have to get down on your knees… beeing on the trip with a friend who couldn’t resist the urge to make a photo of such a moment… i can now let you enjoy the moment she had 😉
Tja… om toch die ene foto te kunnen maken … moet je soms toch echt op de knibbels… en als je dan met een vriend(in) op pad bent die dan de drang niet kan weerstaan om dat te fotograferen… kan ik jullie nu dus laten meegenieten in het plezier dat zij had 😉


38 Hartenluchtjes op “17-K”

    1. 😉 well ….my fysical health is far from good so this is not a position i prefer but sometimes i have to …. wanting to make a special photograph 😉

  1. My old knees can’t take that anymore, I can get down but getting up is next to impossible, always have to have help getting back up.

    1. Hi Gigi Ann, my knees are okay, but my back is a totaly different story. I too always need help to get up…thankfully i am never alone ….

    1. Yes she is the very best one can have!!
      I’ve called her my sister (wich i by blood don’t have) for many years… i’ve matched her after her divorce to a friend of mine who was divorced to …and they are now married already for almost 12 years (coming november)

    1. Hi Amy, indeed, you are right.

      I never go out alone, always with someone close to me, and all the people close to me know about my disabilities and are always prepared to help me up

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