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Hello and good morning, -afternoon, -evening, dear people who participate is this wonderful photomeme, which is a joy to me, week after week, after week. I am always curious to what everyone of you comes up with!

This week’s challenging letter is T and the word i’ve chosen is TRADITION

Far beyond i can remember the Dutch people know the ‘tradition’ of Sinterklaas. Every year, in the midst of november, this “old man” sails from his native land Spane to The Netherlands by boat, wich ion one hand is loaded with presents for every child and on the other hand ofcourse with Sint and his helpers. Originaly all his helpers are pitchblack.
Since a few years there is a lot of hassel about this Dutch (!!!) tradition. Some people all over the world are trying to destroy it by claming that Sint is a slavekeeper. A (however little) number of voices rise up to make it happen that the black helpers will get forbidden and replaced by white ones… or all other colours except black ofcourse. Those people yell very loud and try to get attention for their cause.  Sadly enough, nobody of them has once taken the (little again!) effort to look up the historie of this feast for childeren. If they had done so they would not have cried wolf and realised that their opinion is far beside the thruth!
The true story behind this tradition tells about a honourable man who saw lots of poverty around him, of wich the childeren were the greatest victims. So he started to take on ‘childeren’ as his helpers and payed them their well earned salary. Originaly those childeren were white… the reason they became black is a simple as one can guess. That saint decided to treat every child once a year with surprising gifts wich would come into the houses of those childeren through the chimney. The childeren on their turn treated that saint with lovely drawings, poems and other gifts, for example food for his horse.
Crawling through the chimneys, the saints helpers got black…

Thats all there is to that story… there never was, will never be, a single thought of misusing nor mistreating the helpers of the saint.  I feel sadnend by all the news and negative newsfeeds about this feast wich every child (and adult too) looks forward to in november.. on to december the 5th, the birthday of that saint.  Even more sad i am because a little group of people, mostly not Dutch by the way, take so much effort in destroying this lovely and for hundreds of years old TRADITION.


Hallo en goedemorgen, -middag, en/of -avond, deelnemers aan Foto-Uitdaging ABC-Wednesday. Een foto-uitdaging die erg leuk is en mij elke week weer nieuwsgierig maakt naar waar men mee komt. Natuurlijk geldt mijn welkomstgroet ook aan andere bezoekers hier.

De uitdagende letter van deze week is de letter T en ik koos voor het woord TRADITIE.

Veel, veel, langer geleden dan ik het me kan herinneren bestaat in ons land al de Sinterklaas-traditie. Het verhaal erachter kennen jullie vast allemaal wel. Die ‘oude’ man die met een boot vol suprises en natuurlijk zijn Zwarte Pieten niet te vergeten, van Spanje naar Nederland komt varen.
Wij Nederlanders kennen onderhand het geëmmer over de Zwarte Pieten van voren naar achteren. Ik heb het hierboven in het Engels wel beschreven zodat de niet-Nederlandse bezoekers zullen begrijpen wat ik bedoel uit te leggen bij het woord dat ik voor vandaag koos.

Het maakt mij ontzettend verdrietig dat een handjevol, waarvan de meesten niet eens van origine Nederlandse afkomst, zoveel moeite doen en ook veelal gehoor krijgen, in hun belachelijke schreeuw om aandacht om dit eeuwenoude kinderfeest voor eens en altijd te verzieken.  iemand met de intelligentie van een uitgeknepen theezakje heeft bedacht dat dit feest discriminatie uitlokt en mensen als slaven neerzet. In plaats van die persoon zich nou eerst een verdiept had in de werkelijke geschiedenis van dit kinderfeest moest hij het zo nodig van de daken afschreeuwen, en wellicht ook tot zijn eigen verbazing, vond hij nog gehoor ook. Al is dat blerend aantal dan niet zo heel groot, waar ze onmetelijk groot in zijn is hun zieligheid.

Sinterklaas is ONZE traditie, doe er of aan mee of blijf er vanaf!

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  1. Ozo! Dat was een goed pleidooi voor dit leuke feest. Als alle slaven in de wereld zo blij en vrolijk rondsprongen. als de pieten van de Sint, dan zag het er niet zo slecht uit. Deze traditie stamt trouwens nog af van de oude Germanen, toen Wodan of Odin rondreed op zijn witte paard Sleipnir. Zijn knecht. Oel was een ondeugd die hazelnoten , beukenootjes en bladeren door de schoorstenen gooide.

    Well that was a terrific plea for this great party. If all the slaves in the world were jumping as happily and joyful as these peters of Saint Nicholas, the world was not such a bad place after all.
    This tradition originates actually from the time of the old Germanic people, when Wodan or Odin was riding around on his white horse Sleipnir. His servant uhl was a naughty one, who threw hazelnuts , beechnuts and leaves into the chimneys.
    Have a great week!
    Wil, ABCWTeam

    1. Precies dame !
      Al dat gezeur is vreselijk irritant, vind je ook niet?!

      Jij hebt een andere historie in je hoofd dan ik maar ons beider ‘historie’ bevat wel die ‘goede sint’ zonder slaven

  2. Oh dear! I wish people would not try to re-write history and traditions because of their sensitivities. Too much political correctness around these days. May your lovely tradition keep going and thriving!!

    1. I totally agree Ellen …

      There are people who create ‘sensitivities’ just in order to create ‘mess’ for lots of other people

      Thank you, we share that wish 😉

  3. Hello Melody,
    What a delightful tradition, long may it last and I hope the good Dutch
    people keep it going and ignore the loony lefties.
    Most interesting post and thank you for sharing part of your life
    with us, most interesting.
    Best wishes,
    ABCW team.

    1. Somebody i know wrote (just today)

      “What inspires some will always remain a mystery” …. and she was so right !

      Its not a christmas celebration by the way… its ‘just’ a great feast for childeren on december 5th

      Blessings to you too!!

    1. ;
      Ik weet het…… en het gezeur maakte mij zo mogelijk nog vastberaden-er (is geen goed Nederlands, weet ik, maar toch) het spel wel te organiseren 😉

    1. smile …. you’re not the only one… i love that film and the musical too (wich i have seen,, i think, almost as often as the film)

  4. Dear Medlody, – I have so enjoyed your posts but have never been able to figure out how to make a comment, not being a Word Press person. |I think it is luck that got me here to tell you how great your tale of Sint Nicholas is. I have always been familiar with him, having Dutch friends and a faint Dutch background, and I am so sorry that political correctness has once again jumped to pious conclusions and got it all wrong!

    1. Hi Hildred, how nice that you’ve reached here then!!
      To comment on a blogpost here just look for the word “akkoorden” … they will lead you to the comments-section.

      How nice to read that you know of this tradition and that you understand what it is about. And like you i am so sorry too ..because the only people who really get hurt by this are te little ones… those who it all is for.

  5. I think it’s a wonderful tradition and hope that political correctness never goes so far as to outlaw such a tradition.

    abcw team

  6. I wish I had some of the traditions of my ancestors. Sadly, they have all gone by the wayside after they emigrated from the old country. All I have left are a few foods my grandmother made at Christmas. – Margy

    1. I share that wish with you ….. The Dutch have had lots of traditions but with the very large ‘foreign’ population many of them are gone by now ….. Ofcourse i welcome ‘foreign’ people and respect and honour their traditions but at the same time i feel sad that our native traditions seem much less worthy keeping alive..

    1. I can imagine Joy….and yes it is…. very much so…. especially when you stand there waiting with lots and lots of childeren around you singing the songs in hightenend expectations.

    1. Thank you Snapperoni… i do too …. and i think its kind of obligated to us, its part (i think) of learning to respect our fellow humans.

  7. What a wonderful tradition. It’s much like Christmas here, which people who have immigrated into Canada are trying to stop people from saying, Merry Christmas and only saying Happy Holidays. I think it highly unfair to come into my country and try to break our traditions but people do. Some people just have a sense of entitlement that shouldn’t be there.
    Wonderful costumes and colors in your photo!

    1. Indeed Freda….thats what happening here now too… so sad!
      End yes i can get angry to about something like this…
      The native people try to respect the incommers and their traditions etc but most of them don’t do that back to the native people of the country they came in to.

      The costumes and colors are part of it…. just like the Christmas tradition for Santa and his elfs..

      1. I feel much the same. Try to take away pieces of their traditions though and it is a whole different story.
        I think if you enter a new country, with different traditions to you, you need to respect that culture even if you disagree with it. You are in their homeland, and should not be looking to change people no more than you wish to be changed.

  8. Exactly Freda !!

    Another example… i am a religious person…. the amount of ‘foreign’ churches still rises… okay by me as long as they don’t take away ‘my’ church…

    Respect still seems to be a very very veru difficult word for lots of people, ;-( ;-(

  9. What a lovely tradition- may it live on and on. And may all the PC poop going on right now be stuffed back into it’s Pandora Box, with the lid nailed shut and sunk to the bottom of the deepest ocean.
    (I’m just a little upset about my world lately.) 🙂

  10. That was such a wonderful story. There is something sweet and comforting about tradition. I do wish people wouldn’t jump to conclusions and try to find fault with everything. This is happening a lot in our country of late.

    1. Indeed it is!

      yes…. i’m sorry to read that! And indeed i wish the same as you do… just keep up hope maybe someday it will all turn for the better.

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