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Hi Everybody… and Goodmorning / -afternoon / – night

Well… as you probably have noticed… I was not present for the previous entry and I did not visit you for the two last entries in this round.
Sometimes and shockingly abrupt, life goes a totally different way.
Within 4 days time I had to come to terms with 3 horrific and very painfull things.
On monday I had to put down one of my dogs – On thursday, totally unexpected, a good friend died at the age of 65 – On friday one of my best friends ever died after 2 weeks of intense worries and 15 years of struggling with a number of diseases, at the age of 71.
So my bi polar disorder went skyrocking and it took all the energy I had to get through from one moment to the other.

Thankfully Roger was so sweet to have my back and do what I couldn’t, thank you Roger!!!

Now… trying to find the way for me to coop with all of this… starting to blog again… my entry for 24-O is: Okapi
They are not present in my hometown zoo sadly enough but if I drive for aprox. 2,5 hours I can visit them in Blijdorp – Rotterdam, the only zoo in The Netherlands who keeps them by the way and they are very fortunate as well because on februari first the second baby was born, the previous one in 2017 on october 28th.



I joined ABC Wednesday halfway through round 15.
My other O-entries for previous rounds:


Have a splendid, ♥-warming ABC-wednes-day / – week!
♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫

16 hartenluchtjes op “24-O

  1. Yova says:

    Helaas kan ik niet Engels lezen. Sorry… Maar geniet van jou Okapi van jou foto’s. Heel mooie foto’s geworden. Geniet mooie dag van. Groetjes,

    • Deze blogpost schrijf ik altijd in het Engels omdat het weliswaar mijn uitdaging is maar ik het overnam van een Engelse en er alleen maar buitenlandse bloggers mee doen…

      Ik beschreef waarom ik een keer niet heb meegedaan… en een beetje uileg over de Okapi

      dank jullie wel.

    • Mooii Peter, dank je wel, al hoop ik wel dat het pure fantasie is natuurlijk.

      Ik zal de enige van alle deelnemers aan deze uitdaging zijn die het begrijpend kan lezen want op mij na zijn er geen Nederlandse, noch Nederlandstalige, deelnemers.

      Wel erg jammer want ik denk dat het in het Engels ook heel mooi zal zijn. ,

    • You are sweet Roger, thank you so much for having my back these past weeks.

      I’m getting there… very very slowly… still so sad, horrified, in shock, angry etc etc but it’s getting better every day … sleep is returning and that does help also…

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