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Hi Everybody… and Goodmorning / -afternoon / – night


Today I give you the Lemur. These lovely creatures live also in many zoo’s around the world and thankfully my hometown zoo has them too.  Here in The Netherlands we call them Ringstaart Maki’s. (liturally translated it sais: Ring-Tail Maki… and Maki being another word for Ape, sounds logical in total, doesn’t it?).

We have a group of aprox. 30 of them. And we are expecting! Every day now some little ones will be born because the last few months we had a visitor in the group, a Male called Ernie. He came to stay for a while in our group in the hope to give some ladies a growing present in their bellies, and he succeeded. I won’t give details about how he did that ofcourse, you can all imagine it I presume *smile*.

So… introducing our guest: Ernie:


and here again with one of his girlfriends who is one of the expecting Ladies: Maya
By the way…. this photo shows one of the ways how to know when a Lemur is male or female… The males have red eyes, the females have yellow eyes.



And one of my favorites: Jara


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Have a splendid, ♥-warming ABC-wednes-day / – week!
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