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…Hi Everybody… and Goodmorning / -afternoon / – night

For 24-D …  I’ve chosen a kind of animal I do not feel particular attracted to… but this animal fits the D perfectly…
The Donkey… which in The Netherlands we call ‘Ezel’.
So I don’t have that much photographs of them either, I always walk right by them because I don’t like (don’t photograph) goats either grinnnn



My own hometown zoo has 2 of them… this live in an enclosure with many goats, different kinds and they seem to have lots of fun with them…



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16 thoughts on “24-D

    1. Are they? I’ve never met one that I would call cute….
      Many years ago…. the dress I was wearing was completely chewed away by one… I felt so ashamed walking as quick as I could back to my car … I’ve never liked them since

  1. Melody,

    The donkey, the lowly humble beast that carried Jesus’ mother to Bethlem where He was born. Good subject for the ‘D’ prompt. Thanks for hosting the mid-week hop, my friend.

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