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…Hi Everybody… and Goodmorning / -afternoon / – night

The last post for round 23! Together we have managed to make it through this round with all the simple and all the lesser simple letters the alphabet contains, sometimes it was a challenge wasn’t it? But still we all succeeded in finding something usefull and worth sharing with every other participant around the globe who is part of our meme. 
So… I sincerely say : Thank you !
Also… I want to invite you to the next round, join us in round 24 and lets make it a beautiful round again with lots of joy and countless beautiful things to watch from eachtother! 

For 23-Z

Just one… the Zebra… the other animals mentioned in the list are animals I never have seen so of which I don’t have photographs either.
The photograph underneath is taken in my ‘own’ zoo ofcourse. Thankfully almost any zoo I know and visit do have them, different kinds though but still Zebra’s.


I joined ABC Wednesday halfway through round 15. My other Z-entries for previous rounds:


Have a splendid, ♥-warming ABC-wednes-day / – week!
♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫


Photo-Challenge started by Mrs. Nesbitt on august 5th 2007.
Since 12th January 2018 at ABC-Wednesday  23-Y ~ December 25th, 2018

10x Akkoorden op “23-Z

    1. Middag Karel

      Ja toch!

      Eh ja…. hard gewerkt vanaf vanochtend vroeg…. kerstmeuk opgeruimd en de boel grondig gesopt, alles blinkt en glimt nu weer van schoonheid 😉

      Jij ook>

    1. Hi Anita

      Thank you…

      Ahhh okay…. is there a zoo near you?
      Do You see them in the wild ? I never have so far (on tv but not in real)

      Thank you, likewise.

    1. Indeed it is, in my hometown zoo so to speak… many were born last year… so I had lots of opportunities to see them all

      Thank you Carol , likewise to you!

  1. My little one used to think it is black and white so it must be the oldest animal. Nature has bestowed such colours and grace to its creatures…

    1. I don’t know if a zebra is the eldest of animals on our planet but they are never really black and white, although it sure seems that way.
      If one takes a closer look they will discover more colours… that we humans see them as black and white is mostly due to the effects of the lights

      Yes it sure has, sometimes I feel a little sad because science sais that we humans only see a little amount of all colours… I often wish I could see all of them, or at least, lots more

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