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For 23-W

The last 4 letters of Round 23 are on… time flies… in 5 weeks Round 24 will start, on the first Sunday in the New Year to be exact. 
If you would become part of the team… if you would like to design the new logo… just let us know… We are looking forward to the new round ofcourse and to all your entries. Hope you will stay part of this wonderful meme. 

First of all (of course 😉 ) in this case… one of the very recent youngsters… The Walibi – Baby…In Dutch we call them Walibi too,  in my hometown-zoo Wildlands. As often as I can, mostly twice a week, I visit it… So if you take a look at the “Kiekjes” in my menu, you will find multiple pages (1 per year) with lots of links to that specific zoo. This photo is from last week.


Secondly I’ve chosen for The Wallrus, which we in Dutch call Walrus as well, only writing is different.  This animal, I photographed in a German Zoo on march. 17 2017, about 3,5 hours drive from where I live in Hamburg, it is called Hagenbeck. The complete album can be watched HERE 



I joined ABC Wednesday halfway through round 15. My other W-entries for previous rounds:


Have a splendid, ♥-warming ABC-wednes-day / – week!
♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫


Photo-Challenge started by Mrs. Nesbitt on august 5th 2007.
Since 12th January 2018 at ABC-Wednesday  23-W ~ December 4th, 2018

8 thoughts on “23-W

    1. Melody says:

      Dank je wel. Ik ook hoor…. en niet alleen omdat het uit mijn ‘eigen’ dierentuin is.

      Met de 2e foto ben ik stout… oepssssss 😉

  1. fietszwerver says:

    ik vind het allebei 2 mooie Wtjes 🙂

    dus Schotland misschien komend jaar samen met Dafne
    staat een aardige route in m’n fotoalbum 🙂

    1. Melody says:

      Ja dat snap ik wel, ik ook 😉

      Ja als alles goed gaat wel…. wij gaan naar Blair Drummond Safaripark (Safari & Adventure Park Blair Drummond) om de Emmense Leeuw Zulu op te zoeken… net boven Glasgow… en dan nog een andere dierentuin indien de tijd dat toelaat… of we jouw route ook (deels) kunnen pakken zal de tijd uitwijzen 😉

  2. A ShutterBug Explores says:

    Wow ! What awesome animal photos ~ especially the little baby waliby ~ is that how you spell it? ~ love them !

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

    1. Melody says:

      😉 Thank you Carol… yes it is…

      Me too ofcourse…. although I like any animal, especially newborns

      THank you and likewise.


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