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For 23-U

I had to take another route then usual because in the English language there are barely ones, just three, and I did not know any of them so I don’t have pictures of them … So after some thought… I decided to choose animals, of which I do have pictures and which names start with U but then in my native tongue, Dutch.

There are many kinds of Owls… Uilen, as we call them overhere. In every zoo I visit Owls / Uilen are kept so pictures enough on my harddrives to choose from… one of my favorite Owls/Uilen is the Snow-Owl, Sneewuil as we call it.  This Photo was taken in Dierenpark Amersfoort on march 29th and the other photo’s of that day can/may be watched HERE.


Secondly… the Stork, which we call Uiver, or Eiber or Ooievaar, depending on where you live in The Netherlands. In the part where I was born, raised and still live, we call them Eiber.  This photo was taken in Aqua Zoo Leeuwarden  om september 30th. The other photo’s of that day may/can be watched HERE. 



By the way… another beautiful creature who’s name starts with an U in my language is the Owl-Butterfly, Uil-vlinder.
Just for fun… 4 images which show you their, very different, appearances: (ofcourse from my ‘own hometown’ zoo… Wildlands Emmen

Open wings:
Closed wings:




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Photo-Challenge started by Mrs. Nesbitt on august 5th 2007.
Since 12th January 2018 at ABC-Wednesday  23-U ~ November 28th, 2018

14 thoughts on “23-U

  1. Melody,

    My oldest daughter loves owls (ulien)! The snow owl is lovely bird. I’m curious, in the English language you wrote the plural form ‘Owl’ but in your native language, you do not have an ‘s’ after ulien. Is it already in its plural form? Like I said, you made me curious. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Cathy.. she is not the only one 😉

      In Dutch we say …. Uil… when it concerns just one… if there are more we say Uilen … plural form in Dutch most times gets ‘en’ extra instead of ‘s’ like in the English language

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