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For 23-T

My Chinese Zodiac is the Tiger… and coincidence or not, I like and love them. I would love to cuddle them but to stay on the safe side, and a live, I obey the rules and stay on the other side of the fences. I do have lots and lots of Tiger-photo’s so its is hard to choose… but in this case I’ve chosen for a close up from a Tiger in a German Zoo, Munster to be exact. All Wetter Zoo. Which I will be visiting coming Sunday again, being taken out by 2 couples of friends to treat me for my birthday. My other photo’s from my visit at sept. 19th can and may be watched HERE

S0me animals don’t have a specific feature to recognise them by like a skinpattern or such, although special like any animal is to me, their baby’s look totally different …. a wonderful example of that it the Tapir. In 2016, one was born in Blijdorp – Rotterdam. Ofcourse we went to visit it… the other photo’s of that day can and may be watched HERE





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