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For 23-R

First of all, of course, one of my favorite animals… birds… in this specific case the Robin.
In The Netherlands we call them Roodborstje.
Although they have the reputation to be far from friendly for their kind, I like them! This photo was taken in January 2017 in my neighbouring country to the south, Belgium in the Zoo of Mechelen, wich is called Planckendael. It is a very large zoo with lots of animals who have lots of space to. Certainly a zoo worth visiting if you are in its neighbourhood one day. The other photo’s I took that day can / may be watched HERE


For the second one, I’ve chosen the Raccon.
In The Netherlands we call them “Wasbeer”.
In of the Zoo’s in The Netherlands, you have the possibillity to buy food for them. They know that of course so as soon as they spot you, they all stand on their back feet and start to beg for it. A wonderfull and adoring sight of course, who can resist something like this?
I took this shot in March 2017 in the Zoo of Leeuwarden, wich is called Aquazoo.  It is situated in the neighbouring province to one I live in, to the top-west of The Netherlands, the capital city of Friesland. The other photo’s I’ve made that day can / may be watched HERE


I joined ABC Wednesday halfway through round 15. My other R-entries for previous rounds:


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14 gedachten over “23-R

    • 😉 Zo zie je maar… je bent nooit te oud om (bij) te leren 😉

      Ik vind ze ook prachtig, dus daarover zijn we het wel eens…. al heb ik eigenlijk geen enkel dier dat ik niet als prachtig kan benoemen.

    • Thank you Ian, how nice to may welcome you here!

      Yes they are cute… especially when they stand like this before one. On a little distance though, they have sharp teeth 😉

      I am a birdlover so any bird is okay by me but I agree, this is one of my favorites also.

      Our garden won’t be visited by them, our 4 cats are to scary I guess 😉

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