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For 23-P

First of all the Panther. His name is Mowgli. He originates from my hometown zoo Wildlands Emmen but was moved, together with his wife Rica to another Dutch Zoo, Artis in Amsterdam.  June 28th 2017 they became parents by 2 little cubs. My last fisit to that zoo was on July 18th, just 3 months ago. Those little ones are almost as big as their parents by now. You may watch my other photo’s from that visit HERE


As you might know by now, my most favorite animals are birds. My number 1 bird is the Peacock.
The photo you see here, I made june 6th, not in a Dutch zoo though but in a German one, in Rheine to be specific.
The other photo’s I made that day can be watched HERE


I joined ABC Wednesday halfway through round 15. My other P-entries for previous rounds:










Have a splendid, ♥-warming ABC-wednes-day / – week!
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Photo-Challenge started by Mrs. Nesbitt on august 5th 2007.
Since 12th January 2018 at ABC-Wednesday  23-P ~ October 23, 2018

10 gedachten over “23-P

  1. Panther named Mowgli 🙂
    Great pics!
    You must visit Odisha, India, for beautiful dancing peacocks. There’s a peacock valley here that you will love!

    1. 😉 Yes indeed

      Thank you Anita.

      That would be completely wonderful Anita but I’m afraid that I never will be able to make such a trip, its to far away from where I live, my health is not good enough for it and also through that, my finances will never allow it.

      Maybe you can show me by sending me some pics ?

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