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…Hi Everybody… and Goodmorning / -afternoon / – night

For 23-J … I’ve chosen 2 animals from different zoo’s in The Netherlands.
The first one is a Jaguar, his name is Mowgli. Originaly from  Wildlands in Emmen, but now (and last year became a father of 2) in Artis in Amsterdam


The second one is a (Gold-)-Jackal… I don’t know of it is a male or a female, don’t know its name either. It lives in Burgers Zoo in Arnhem.


I joined ABC Wednesday halfway through round 15…
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Have a splendid, ♥-warming ABC-wednes-day / – week!
♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫

10 thoughts on “23-J

    1. Melody says:

      Hi Carol, thank you. I can image, especially since for this kind of shots one very rarely gets any opportunities

  1. Junieper/Jesh stG says:

    ooh the jaguar has that “don’t mess with me” look on his face! The jackall looks so much like a fox:) Thanks for coming by so faithfully every week, and hosting:)

    1. Melody says:

      Haha yes he has, always had …. every time I see him it strikes me…

      Yes it does, it is larger though

      Ofcourse 😉 you are most welcome…


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