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For 23-E …  One of the most simple letters to come up with an entry for as Elephants are on my top-three of favorite animals…
Logically I’ve chosen elephants from my ‘own’ zoo… and as baby’s are cute and adorable etc I introduce to you the two last baby’s who’ve we welcomed in the herd very recently.

First… born on April 2, 2018: Baby-Boy Mauk:

And secondly, Baby-Boy Manoa, born on juni 26, 2018:

These two little ones bring the number of ‘our’ herd on 10… The males we have are called: Mekong, Ein She Min, Einga Tha, Radja jr., Ravi, Mauk & Manoa. The females we have are called: Mingalar OO, May Ya Yee & Shwe Zin.

I visit them every week at least one time, if I feel fit enough more often. Also other zoo’s are regular places to go to, especially when there are elephants. I know all the Dutch elefants by name and it gives me lots of joy to see how they are doing and developping.

In Germany, in Berlin to be presice, there is a lady who has a website on which she places all the info she can get her hands on about elephants in all zoo’s around the world. Her name is Petra and she would love to receive e-mails from you with photo’s and info about elephants in a zoo near to you… if you would like to help her with that, or if you would know more about elephants in a zoo which you are planning to visit…. take a look HERE . By the way, you would not only do her a big favor by doing this but me too!!


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  1. Love your header here – a combination of two of your loves. Nice that you live close enough to visit the elephants often. They mesmerize me too – I even made a painting of one. Jesh StG

    1. 😉 The only two I have nowadays… (due to my physical and mental health issues)
      I would say…. besides the love for my family (and animals) and friends ofcourse

      Indeed a treat…. in the future, as soon as possible, we want to move to Emmen, the town where the zoo is… so I can walk to it instead of driving to it with my car for 45 minutes

      Hmmmm niceeee… can I see it ?

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