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…Hi Everybody… and Goodmorning / -afternoon / – night


For 23-M
I’ve chosen again 2 animals I find beautiful and intriguing.

The first one is in Zoo Amsterdam – Artis. 
In The Netherlands we call this animal : Hyacinth Ara

The second one is in my ‘own’ Zoo. Emmen – Wildlands.
In The Netherlands we call this animal : Stokstaartje


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Photo-Challenge started by Mrs. Nesbitt on august 5th 2007.
Since 12th January 2018 at ABC-Wednesday  23-M ~ October 2nd, 2018

6 thoughts on “23-M

  1. When I was 3, I went to some place called the Catskill Game Farm, not far from here, I went there agaiu when I was 25. It was great! Unfortunately, it closed about 7 years ago. That bird reminded me of the place.

    • Ah nice to see that an action of my reminds you of something you’ve liked.

      When something like that closes… well, there can be many reasons for it, I hope it was a good one and that the animals there got the best possible new homes.

    • Dank je wel.

      Ja die stam is de ideale plek voor stokstaartjes om rondom uit te kijken over het gebied zover als ze kunnen kijken. De leidster van de groep staat/zit er altijd op… soms met meerderen ook, gelukkig is die stam groot genoeg voor iedereen.

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