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…Hi Everybody… and Goodmorning / -afternoon / – night

For 23-D …  well I did not have to think long, not even a second grinn… having had D’s around me for as long as I can remember… I introduce to you my 2 D’s from these days…

Brego (July 2nd 2009) a Scottisch Collie / shepard called also… He should have long hair but having had a very rough start in life, (I found him in a shelter) he has many skinproblems so to ensure that he has the least possible trouble with it I keep his hair as short as possible.


Noah… a French King Poodle (January 2nd, 2003)


Since we do not have a very large garden nor a big house, we only have 2 dogs… and 2 cats. If we ever winn a large amount of money, we will move and get more. We never went to a breeder but always got every animal from a shelter. There are far to many animals in need around the world, The Netherlands are no exception, so we will always choose for the ‘problem-animals’ which nobody wants… we have experienced throughout the 35 years already that they make the most wonderful and loving pets one can have. All the time and effort we need to put into it is every moment worth it.


I joined ABC Wednesday halfway through round 15… My other D-entries for previous rounds:

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  1. I always appreciate people who take animals from a shelter and give them a good life ! I was in Amsterdam for a week keeping an eye on my grandson who is on summer holidays, it was good, because in Ijburg it was airy and not so sticky as in Waterloo in this heat !!

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