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Letter O is on turn this week, the 15th letter in round 22 so we’re past the halve of the alphabet already, times flies, doesn’t  it?
First of all good news… we’re also getting nearer round 23, what do you say? Shall we go for that round to in a couple of weeks?

Letter O it is… in our every day life we come across it it in many different ways, probable the most easiest letter to find?!



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Have a splendid, ♥-warming ABC-day / – week!
♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫

16 thoughts on “22-O”

  1. fietszwerver schreef:

    O goed in beeld gebracht :)
    fijne avond groet

    1. Melody schreef:

      Dank u zeer meneer

      Gaat wel lukken denk ik, wens het jou ook toe

  2. ewok1993 schreef:

    What a nice find.


    1. Melody schreef:

      Thank you Ewok

  3. Indrani schreef:

    I like how you decipher alphabets in everyday things :)
    Happy ABCW!

    1. Melody schreef:

      ;-) Thank you Indrani… I do my best to come up with something original and surprising.


  4. Anita schreef:

    The other day I spotted an alphabet in nature & I remembered you :)
    O is great!

    1. Melody schreef:

      ahhh how sweet … thank you

  5. Roger Owen Green schreef:

    Yeah, I imagine O (and I) ARE the easiest to find. But the pottery IS pretty.

    1. Melody schreef:

      yes they are

      thank you

  6. artmusedog schreef:

    Another very creative photo ~ this time for O ~ love it!

    A ShutterBug Explores
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

    1. Melody schreef:

      Thank you Carol, glad you like it.

  7. Su-sieee! Mac schreef:

    Yours is a creative O, Melody. I’d probably go for something very obvious like a tire. :-)
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

    1. Melody schreef:

      Thank you Su-sieee… I like to look with another ‘eye’ then general

  8. Gattina schreef:

    Oooh what a nice picture !

    1. Melody schreef:

      ;-) Thank you Gattina

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