ABC-Wednesday / Round 21 –Y /
My 175-th entry – bijdrage / My first entry: 28-08-2014 : 15-G

Hi Everybody, a very good- morning / -afternoon / -evening!

Ahhh 21-Y is on turn, I get into some kind of trouble… After deciding to use this entire round in music, linked to me in my name and who I am as a person… I discover that we, the Dutch have only  one artist who’s name starts with an Y. His kind of music is one kind I don’t like, I don’t understand it, it always makes my reastless in the head… But having confirmed myself to this extra challenge I still introduce him to you.

His name is Yes-R and he was born on November 2, 1986. At the age of 12 he started rapping and is still going strong, has had many successes already. It took some time but eventually I found a song of his in the English language, some rarity because he always raps in Dutch.

Have a splendid, ♥-warming ABC-day / – week!
♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫

23 x Akkoorden op ~ Chords on “21-Y”

  1. fietszwerver schreef:

    ik heb het snel uit gezet 🙂

    1. Melody schreef:

      Haha ik heb t niet eens beluisterd, niet verder vertellen hoor, vind t vreselijk namelijk

  2. KVVS MURTHY schreef:

    Have known about new rap star.

    1. Melody schreef:

      That is nice Murthy

  3. Margy schreef:

    You are almost there with an artist for each letter of the alphabet. – Margy

    1. Melody schreef:

      Indeed I am…and already thinking about what to do with the next round, which will start in 3 weeks from now 😉

  4. Indrani schreef:

    Names with Y are uncommon.
    Great choice.
    Happy ABCW!

    1. Melody schreef:

      Indeed they are… difficult to find, and rare
      thank you Indrani, likewise.

  5. Amit Agarwal schreef:

    Great Music!
    Thank you Melody:)
    Happy New Year!

    1. Melody schreef:

      Nice to see you like it Amit

      Thank you, likewise and ofcourse you are welcome 😉

  6. No, I do not like his music either
    Best wishes for the New Year!

    1. Melody schreef:


      Thank you Lea, likewise.

  7. Hazel schreef:

    Oh, rap? Then I understand your dislike as I am not very keen on rap either. Yes-R looks cute though and I reckon, it could be interesting to hear some Dutch rap to satisfy one’s curiosity that is. Happy holidays!

    1. Melody schreef:


      Yes he does, but far far to young 😉

      Thank you, likewise

  8. Roger Green schreef:

    I’m impressed with your effort. One round I did family singers. that was tough,. For every Andrews Sisters and Carpenters, I had a Q, which ended up being quirky (maybe for ABBA).


    1. Melody schreef:

      😉 Thank you Roger…between you and me, I am glad that this challenge soon ends 😉

      Haha i can imagine what you mean

  9. wonderful music ~ wonderful post ~ love your passion for music ~

    Happy New Year ^_^

    1. Melody schreef:

      🙂 Nice to read you like it…

      Music is indeed one of my 3 big passions , besides (blogging about) photography and animals

  10. Su-sieee! Mac schreef:

    I can skip rap, too. I didn’t make it to the end of his song so I didn’t hear if he did any rapping. What I heard reminding me of 1980s songs, which I didn’t care for back then. I applaud you for finding an artist to fit your theme. 🙂

    1. Melody schreef:

      😉 I totally understand Su-sieee

      Thank you!

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