Round 21 – U

My 171-th entry – bijdrage

My first entry: 28-08-2014 : 15-G

Hi Everybody, a very good- morning / -afternoon / -evening!

Well… Now I run into a problem… Seems that there is no Dutch artist who’s name begins met an U… the first letter in the alphabet for which I can not enter an artist with a suiting name… so what to do?
I did decide at the start of round 21 that I would give every letter music, so after some thought, I’ve chosen a song which is one of my all time favorites purely because the fact that it bears many sweet memories for me. And I presume that you all will agree with me that we should cherisch precious moments and it memories afterwards. Sadly enough I can not show you a video of the group which made this song so special to me so I’ve chosen the original interpretors.



Have a splendid, ♥-warming ABC-day / – week!
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  1. Oooh, The Platters, volgens mij heb ik daar nog singletjes of een LP van. Ik vond dit zwijmelen. Jammer dat je geen Nederlandse band kon vinden maar dit vind ik ook wel heel erg leuk om weer te horen.

  2. The Platters were and are an amazing group. Thanks! Amy

  3. Classic Platters, love that song.

  4. Beautiful song. I played it last night for my 13-year old kiddo to listen to 🙂

  5. Good choice for a sticky situation. Songs bring back such memories, some sweet, some not so much. – Margy

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