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My 169-th entry – bijdrage / My first entry: 28-08-2014 : 15-G


Hi Everybody, a very good- morning / -afternoon / -evening!

Today I want to introduce to you a Dutch singer who was born on august the 2nd in 1941 and passed away on juli 22 1986. He was born in the same province as I did and he was famous for his music in his (and mine) dialect. There are just a few songs of him which were recorded in the English language. I have been a great fan of him every since the first time I heard him, somewhere in my childhood.
Altough many Dutch people don’t understand the dialect he was singing in, I disovered that some of his songs are popular throughout the whole country, quit an achievement I think.
So, for 21-S, I give you 3 songs of Ede Staal: The first one is in English… the second one in my (his) own dialect… the third one is in Dutch… for those of you who want to hear the differences in the three languages:





Have a splendid, ♥-warming ABC-day / – week!
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35 thoughts on “21-S

    1. Zo zie je maar, toeval bestaat niet…. “God works in mysterious ways”

      Ede… hij zal vast ook bij mijn plechtigheid zingen, hoop ik althans dat men dat dan regelt 😉


        1. Ik hoop dat jij dat nooit hoeft mee te maken!!

          Dat zeg ik ook vaak 😉 Uiteindelijk past alles naadloos in elkaar, het begrijpen (het falen erin) van de mens is onbelangrijke bijzaak.

          Knuffel xx♥xx♥

  1. Dat laatste nummer is echt vreselijk!
    Ik zag die eerste foto en dacht: ken ik die snuiter? Heb een tijdje zitten kijken maar er ging geen gloeilamp branden. Toch heb ik van de naam Ede Staal wel gehoord. Laat ik nou altijd gedacht hebben dat het een vrouw was. * Proest* Laten we het maar op een genderneutraal persoon houden, haha.
    Maar je hébt me kennis laten maken met een Nederlander!
    Dikke kus ♥

  2. I saw your comment on another blogger’s site while playing along with Wednesday Hodgepodge. It’s the name of your blog that captured my attention. 🙂 It’s always interesting to hear mewsic in another language. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day!

    1. Hi Cathy, thank you for visitind and commenting in such a kind way.

      Melody is my online name, it was given to me by a singer-friend in 1997 (before internet existed) , he passed away sept. 2016. When I put my first steps on the internet I chose that name and kept on to it ever since.

      Music was added quit logically because I’ve always danced, sang and played different instruments throughout my whole life between the age of 6 – 44 as my health made it no longer possible.

      Thank you Cathy, likewise !!

  3. That’s a neat B&W photo of Staal.

    “Where the devil and angels compromise…” Did he mention Jimi Hendrix? Oh, and John Lennon too?

    I was listening to the video while writing my comment 😀

  4. That’s my age range and he probably died from drugs, it was the time of the flower power ! So many died during that time like Jim Henricks, Jim Morrisson, Bob Marley etc ! The text of the last song I understand and the English of course, in the middle it’s chinese, lol

    1. Hi Gattina

      No he did not die from drugs. He sadly passed away after not being able to beat lung cancer.

      I can image that you don’t understand those 2 languages…

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