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Hi Everybody, a very good- morning / -afternoon / -evening!

So, isn’t this letter challenging? I discover that we don’t have solo-artists in The Netherlands who’s name starts with an N. To be precise; at least not ones who sing in the English language.  So I turned over to search for bands with a name that starts with N and sing also in English.

Nick & Simon is a very famous band of 2 young men who are very succesfull in the Dutch language music. But I remembered that they toured through the USA so I thougt, there must be music in the English language, and yes there is. Their breakthrough came in 2006 after working together with another famous Dutch singer. A certain village in The Netherlands has delivered already many singers and bands who became (still are) very famous but in the Dutch language.

Since I know that almost none of you understand my language, I always try to find something in English so you can understand what they are singing about.

So…. Nick and Simon it is…

Over Melody

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  1. many bands from that village did sing in English , like The Cats and BZN
    deze 2 heren doen het goed

  2. Ik weet nog steeds niet wie wie is, haha. Terwijl ik genoeg ezelsbruggetjes gehoord/gelezen heb. Het zal met gebrek aan belangstelling te maken hebben. Vergeef me dat ik geen enthousiasme voor Sick en Nimon kan opbrengen (-: Wel ben ik blij dat jij er plezier aan beleeft ♥♥♥

    • Hahaha

      Dat neem ik je niet kwalijk hoor…. ik ben het 3/4 met je eens op een enkel nummer zo her en der na…

      Ik had besloten de 1e ronde van ABC nadat het ‘mijn’ uitdaging werd, mijn naam eer aan te doen en de hele rond in het thema muziek te doen…. Veel Nederlandse artiesten wiens naam met een N begint zijn er al niet, laat staan die die in het Engels zingen…. op 2 deelnemers na komt iedere deelnemer van over de hele wereld en kent het Nederlands dus niet… dus dan is muziek in die taal ook geen goede optie.


  3. Nice song. Let’s hope the message is true; it would be very uplifting.

  4. Good to know about these singers.

  5. I like the rhythm as well as the lyrics and they have great voices. Not too hard on the eyes, either! LOL

  6. They have a familiar style, but no, I don’t them either
    Very likable.


  7. Those young men have nice voices, and a nice message to sing about.

  8. Never heard of them. I think if you only present Dutch singers my answer will always be the same ! lol

  9. Totally NEW to me. 🙂
    Good one with N
    Happy ABCW!

  10. Nick and Simon: the look of talent. I like their rustic wood behind them in the photo. and I must say what a charming header and background image you have. It’s so autumn which is my favorite season!

  11. You share so many wonderful musical posts. – Margy

  12. Nice and pleasant. I bet the two are nice and pleasant young men. How could they sing the song otherwise. 🙂

  13. Like their style and sound ~ but haven’t heard of them ~ great post ~ thanks for doing a great job hosting ~ Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

    A ShutterBug Explores ~ aka ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  14. Hello, thank you for finding English singing people. Yes, your language is very hard :-)Mine too. No one wants to learn Polish 😉 Greetings.

    • Hi Klara

      Even for the Dutch it is a difficult language, some things sound logical, others don’t.

      Your language, I don’t know it either, would love to learn it though.

      Maybe we should teach eachother 😉

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