Round 21 – E


My 154-th entry – bijdrage

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Hi Everybody, a very good- morning / -afternoon / -evening!

This week we put our thoughts together to come up with something nice that we would like to share with eachother regarding the letter E.
As you know I’ve decided to use the music-theme throughout the entire round 21, so after some search through my memory and next over the internet to find the version I want to share with you I came up with Max van Egmond, a Indonesian born, Dutch Baritone.

This classical singer was born on 1 februari 1936 in Semarang on the island Java – Indonesia.  After WO2 he completed  his education in The Netherlands. His talent was discoverd by a conductor of a schoolchoir. After years of singinglessons he won a contest. After that he won different award in Brussels (Belgium) and München (Germany). In 1959 he went solo and got famous as an interpretor of Bach’s music. He is still alive and gives many masterclasses over the whole world.

This piece of music by Max van Egmond which I want to share with you is from Johann Sebastian Bach (31 march 1685 – 28 juli 1750) . This cantate was written in Leipzig (Germany) for a religious holiday;  Maria Lichtmis (Festo Purificationis Mariae) …. translated: Feast of the Purification of Mary…. on 2 februari 1727.  A celebration of the fact that Mary got pure again 40 days after the birth of Jesus and like Jewish law demanded for firstborn sons, her son took to the tempel to show him to the priests and bring ritual sacrifices. This cantate is a derivation of song of praise of Simeon ( O.T. Luke 2 -25-35), this bible book tells the story of priest Simeon who was given the promiss not to die before he had seen the Messias with his own eyes. This cantate tells in a cheerful way about looking forward to die and that eternal life waits, as was quite common in the days of JS Bach.

Have a splendid, ♥-warming ABC-day / – week!
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