Mrs. Nesbitt’s ABC-Wednesday

Round 20 – Y

My 148-th entry – bijdrage

Started-Gestart: 28-08-2014 : 15-G


Hello and good morning, -afternoon, -evening, dear people who all participate is this wonderful photo-meme, which is a joy to me, week after week, after week. I’m always curious to what you come up with!

The challenging letter of this week is and I’ve chosen for the word: YOU, YES YOU!

YOU, YES YOU are the ones who can make or break a meme in the blogcommunity. Without you no meme shall last very long.
So… how about we agree on keeping working together to keep this beautiful meme alive and kicking after the big changes which will occur in just 2 weeks from today?

Wishing YOU, YES YOU!!! gorgeous ABC-Wednesday-day / – week ~
♫ M e l o d y ♫ (ABC-W-team)
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Over Melody

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26 reacties

  1. ik blijf het volgen , al ben ik een nieuwkomer

  2. Thanks, Melody ~ would be nice if more people commented too ~ great job!

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog ~ ^_^

  3. I do hope to continue participating in this long running meme. Thanks for your decision to keep it going Melody!

  4. Thank YOU for being you.

  5. So cute! Made me smile 🙂
    Happy ABCW!

  6. Excellent choice.

  7. Yes, yes, yes. There are gonna be years and years of fantastic meme!

  8. yes, me. I like this meme most. Used to join many memes and now ABC is my most regular one.

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