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Round 20 – V

My 145-th entry – bijdrage

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Hello and good morning, -afternoon, -evening, dear people who all participate is this wonderful photo-meme, which is a joy to me, week after week, after week. I’m always curious to what you come up with!

The challenging letter of this week is and I’ve chosen for the word: Voice

We all have it… the one everyone can hear and the ones to few hear or not hear at all.
The voices of those still far to few hear are the ones of animals in need, all over the world. Social Media is, like everything else in life, something with a good side and something with a bad side.
I love animals, no matter which one, although the flying kind are my favorite.
On a daily basis I hear voices telling me about animal abuse and maybe I am a very stupid person but I can not understand what the reasons can be for an human being, besides survival, to do harm to any other living creature, especially an animal. Their voices cry from hurt, distress, despair and all other anguish. Why don’t “we” hear it, listen to it, do something about it? On the internet one can find countless petitions to help animals in need, many people sign them. Many voices protest ceaselessly, but still by far not many enough.  So many people around the world, cry out and do their very best in trying to change laws, there still is a very, very long way to go.
Just a heartfelt request from me to you… please take the best possible care of an animal who relies on you, please stop hurting, please stop the slaughter of all those gorgeous creatures. Our planet is as much a ‘temporary gift’ to them as it is to us.
I can’t, sadly enough, but if I could?
My voice would be heard on the entire planet, by everyone, and in such capacity that nobody would be able to ignore it.

(photo from Artis-Amsterdam) 13th of august 2016)

Have a VOIVE-filles ABC-Wednesday-day / – week ~
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  1. Dat zal een behoorlijk zwaar stemgeluid zijn. Zo’n heel diepe grom….grrrrrauw!
    Onwijs mooie foto!
    Liefs ♥

    1. Ja nou en of ! En dat is ook de bedoeling!!

      Dit is trouwens Caesar uit Artis, die had net ff (geprobeerd althans) hard gewerkt om voor nageslacht te zorgen en dat was door heel Artis heen luid en duidelijk te horen…


  2. One voice you did not include was the voice we do not want to hear! (a certain head of state right now). And I totally agree with you about our voices being loud about animal cruelty. I just today read something about a boxer dog being beaten and buried alive – he was found but was too far gone to survive. I have had 3 boxers in my life and for the life of me, cannot imagine anyone doing that to such a loving, sweet-tempered dog!

    abcw team

    1. You are right Leslie….but that person is very rarely on my mind, being Dutch and avoiding news I don’t have to deal with him (jet)

      Its horrible !!! Just some hours ago I saw an item about a zoo in China where they threw in a live donkey in the enclosure of the tigers to feed them… it breaks my ♥ … and around the world there are so many animals who are mistreated bejond grasp.

  3. Its a strange mind that is cruel to animals and uncaring to those we share the planet with. I would despair until remembering that there are also compassionate people like you.

    1. Indeed it is, I regard it is a big blessing that I can not understand actions like that nor the people who perform them .

      Totally agree Joy, I know lots of people (thank God) who feel like me about this.

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