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Round 20-N

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Hello and good morning, -afternoon, -evening, dear people who all participate is this wonderful photo-meme, which is a joy to me, week after week, after week. I’m always curious to what you come up with!

The challenging letter of this week is N and I’ve chosen for the word: Nothing

Thinking about that word… I realize that I think that it is a strange word because what does it really mean?  Does it even really exist?

In the province of The Netherlands, where I was born and raised, we have flat land, and much much much empty spaces like you see on my photo. One can look for miles and miles and see no living creature… just the location you’re in…
One could say, there is nothing but is that really true? Can one see nothing, can one hear nothing, can one feel nothing? I would say: No one can not because there is always something, no matter how small, invisible even maybe, but still, there is something. To be seen, to be heard, to be felt.

In another way… having to live with a bi-polar disorder… nothing is a word that can frighten me sometimes. How strange is that, as I am convinced at the same time that ‘nothing’ does not exist? Still my conviction does not always have the upperhand. Feeling ‘nothing’ is not possible but feeling ‘alone’ in the sense that there is nothing / nobody for you at such a desperate moment… makes anxious.

Nothing… if it were up to me I would erase that word in any language, or change it into something which tells us that it is something ‘strange’, non existent even perhaps.  What ever it really it… we all see, we all hear, we all feel. We all are human and living. Life is, however less it sometimes might look, never nothing but always something.

I am very curious to your ideas about this word, so please share them with me?


Have a nice ABC-Wednesday-day / – week ~
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  1. Hi Melody! It sounds as though you have bipolar – am I correct? That’s too bad because I know only too well what happens to a person with that insidious disorder. My younger daughter was diagnosed with depression at 15 and then bipolar 2 when she was about 17. Unfortunately, she wouldn’t accept it and refused treatment. So until she had a real breakdown and ended up in the hospital, she swung wildly from one extreme to the other. She has bipolar 2, which means the mood swings can be within minutes, unlike her father whose moods were slower going up and down in 2 year spans. But she is in good health now as she is on her medications and takes them faithfully. She can still tend to get a bit manic when she’s stressed and her low moods don’t go as low as before and she can get up and out of it a lot faster. It took a long time to get her to accept that it’s just the same as if you have diabetes and need insulin or high blood pressure and need a pill. But her life seems to be okay right now and she’s now been married for almost 3 years. Her husband is very good about keeping her centered and if she gets a bit manic, all he has to do is put his hand on her arm or his arm over her shoulder and she calms right down. But it is a hard thing to accept, for sure. And I do hope you are okay and stable and have the constant care of a doctor. Have a great week!

    abcw team

    1. Hi Leslie, yes you are,,, I am glad to read that she has accepted it and that her life is as good as can be.
      for aprox. 25 years now I have that diagnosis and like your daughter. Had problems from earlie youth on. Always had to live on pills and different kinds of therapie. Which I don’t do anymore, sinds oct. 2016. I have a very good GP and other prof. around me but so far so good, I manage without those horrid pills. I experienced more problems with them then without them. I do have my very bad moments but I also have people around me who are there always.

      Thank you, the same to you too.

  2. Afraid that horrible disease affects our family too and Nothing is surely not a good word for them. Thanks for sharing such a personal trial. Our state of Kansas is really flat too but I love it.

    1. Try to let go of that fear Ann… it makes it worse. Embrase it and it gets easier!

      Thank you. You are welcome.

      I totally can imagine 😉

  3. ha die Nellie
    ” niets ”
    nu in dat mooie Groninger land zie en of hoor je altijd wel wat

    denk dat Kakel je beter kent aan haar reactie te zien 🙂

    een krant lees ik op soms de Metro na in de trein ook niet meer sinds ik niet meer werk
    het is teletekst en ff het nieuws , maar steeds minder

    ben liever in de natuur , wist je wel al
    was wat lui vandaag en niet alle klusjes geklaard

    slaap wel groet

    1. Kakel is een uitzondering…. er zijn maar heel weinig mensen die mij zo goed kennen als zij…we zijn haast klonen 😉

      Niet alleen het Groninger land hoor…

      JOh, moet toch kunnen? alles op zijn tijd hoor.

  4. In Taoism philosophy ~ Nothing is good ~ it means one will be filled up again ~ and also nothing is everything ~ It is all in what we ‘tell ourselves’ ~ words ~ come from perceptions and then get interpreted by one’s thoughts ~ Be free ~ let go ~ Thanks for being you ~

    Wishing you a Happy Week ~ ^_^

    1. Thank you…. I do to… especially at words like these ‘nothing, all, a little, a lot’… its all a matter of perspective isn’t it?

  5. Hurrah Melody, I’ve found that by reducing my zoom to 75 I can read your blog., your pretty fairies and pixies obliterated the wording on the left side of my screen. To access ABCW I use Google Crome but I also have Windows Explorer.
    Sorry to read that you have Bi-polar, It’s a nasty illness and I know through experience that people can be quite dismissive about any form of mind disorder. I get heartily sick of people telling me I should do ‘this that and the other’ to cure my Rheumatoid and Lord knows what courses of treatment I’ve tried including holistic et al to no avail, But as i’m sure you know you eventually come to terms with whatever besets you.
    With regard to nothing… I remember a song, that started ‘Ive got plenty of nothing and nothings got plenty of me’ ..I leave you with that one to ponder !
    Take care,
    Kind regards,
    ABCW team.

    1. I totally agree dear Diane… I don’t like ( to put it nicely) when people tell me what is good/bad etc… If they say I should go right, I always go left 😉

      I’ve accepted my physical and mental ‘blessings’. I don’t fight them anymore, I embrace them… makes things easier to deal with..

      Your comment… has come through, it was moderated (I don’t know why) … Explorer has difficulties which I can not repair.. in Chrome it should be okay… but sometimes it also depends of the resolution of the screen used… which by the way should not be the case on my blog because I always use “responsive” in my scripts.

      I am glad you did not give up on me and came back to try again posting your comment! Thank for you for that!!

      I will look up that piece of music… And yes it is right, life goes the way it goes, we have to make the best of it.


        1. Hi again also

          They arrived as soon as you’ve posted them… just on hold for me to give it my okay and publish it.


  6. Melody, I saw your comment on another blog after doing a return visit which captured my attention. Actually it’s the keyword in your blog name “Music” that captured my attention. Anywho, it was nice to meet you. I see that you not only like music but photography. Me, too! It seems more and more people are diagnosed as Bi-polar. Honestly, I do not know much about the disorder but I certainly know where mental health is concerned the conditions are very much real and affect some people greatly. I just try to learn from folks such as your so that I have a better understanding. My sister is bi-polar (I think something else is going on upstairs, too) but I have no idea how to deal with her sometimes. Here’s hoping your days are not filled with nothing but something that gives you reason to hold on. God bless! Feel free to join my not-so WW linky party and visit my latest edition of Art Sketching Through the Alphabet!

    1. Hi Cathy, first of all, welcome on my blog and second, thank you for your visit and comment!

      I indeed love music… from a very early age I used to sing, dance and make music. My physical ‘blessings’ don’t allow that anymore. My mental ‘blessings’ make every day a struggle but I can manage it, with help of my family and friends and good specialists. The only thing bipolars have that one could call ‘general’ is the fact that there is something ‘else’ inside their heads.. the way one acts differs per person, as do their needs. For the people around it is very very hard to deal with the moodswings, I’ve lost so many people who could not deal with it in the long run. I’ve often felt very lonely, still do sometimes, although I have a family and very loyal friends. There are courses one could follow, books to read,,,to create more understanding… the one thing a bipolar person needs most besides love is loyalty from those who they love, no matter what, although that loved one can experience that as the greatest struggle because the actions of a bipolar don’t always tell the love felt, but which surely is there in him.

      My days are good…some worse, some better… i’ve accepted my ‘challenges for life’ and deal with it the best I can, every minute of the day.

      I wil drop by on your site…


  7. You will probably know the Disney song – “We’re busy doing nothing, working the whole day through, trying to find lots of things not to do…” which I always find very cheerful, why not think – “I have to watch the river to see that it doesn’t stop”.
    My friend’s friend is bi polar, she has a very positive outlook on life and has probably fitted in two lifetimes of experiences.

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