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Round 20-L
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Hello and good morning, -afternoon, -evening, dear people who all participate is this wonderful photo-meme, which is a joy to me, week after week, after week. I’m always curious to what you come up with!

The challenging letter of this week is L and I’ve chosen for: Language

When I was a little girl I had to learn to read and at primary school in those days we used wooden bords like you see on the photo. Although I from an early age loved language I had a lot of difficulties at first. I was brought up in a dialect which looks and sounds very similar to the German language in stead of the Dutch one. I can remember that, although very young still, I’ve decided that if I ever would have children of my own, I would teach them the Dutch language from day one and not our dialect to prevent them form encountering the same problems I did.

Some years later at High school I got German, French and English.  All the languages that were given I took. I oftend begged to get more but no there were 4 and that was it. In those days we had to do the final exams in 6  subject so besides those 4 languages I had to choose 2 others, which were biologie and geography. And there it stopped because I was not allowed to go to a higher form of education.    I had to find a job, earn money, untill I would get married and have children, at least that was what my parents had decided.  A short time after those final exams I was kicked on the street and had to provide for myself. Thankfully my now husband helped me find a space of my own to live and I found a job to earn the so much needed money. Due to that I could not go to college ofcourse but in my job I’ve always had the opportunity to learn through courses etc.

Language is still my favorite and after joining ABC my writing skills in them improved. I learn so much from what you all write and I really love it.
Most contributors write in English, some don’t and I always love to try commenting in that other language. Except ofcourse for those who blog in English but speak an oriental language, that I don’t understand, it is so totally different to the languages I know.  The eastern (of Europe) and the Scandinavian languages I don’t speak/understand also ofcourse but I would love to learn it.

To me language is beautiful, not only in writing and words one can hear but also in what one can see in the expression of faces and in body. I know that my own language, Dutch, is very difficult for non-born Dutch, it also is for born-Dutch by the way. Syntax and grammar are so difficult to use in the appropriate way but still I love it. If only I could… I would fill my head with other languages so I can speak to everyone I want to, can read whatever I want to, understand it most of all. Language is a living thing and in what way ever… we can do without.

In my own languague:
Zo fijn je hier te mogen verwelkom.
Dank je wel voor je bezoek en reactie!

In the English language:
So nice to may welcome you here.
Thank you for your visit and comment!

Have a nice ABC-Wednesday-day / – week ~
♫ M e l o d y ♫ (ABC-W-team)
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32 Hartenluchtjes op “20-L”

  1. taal is een prachtig iets Melody
    er zijn wat bloggers onder ons die kunnen er mee goochelen , zij die dat niet zo goed kunnen , ik zei de gek o.a is blij met google en laat die het goochelen doen 🙂
    of het dialect is of het ABA , het is een pracht

  2. Well, you are doing just fine in English. The most important thing is to be understood and who cares if there are little minor errors. I studied French, Spanish, and Italian and wish I were totally fluent in them all. But when you don’t have an opportunity to use that language, you forget. But, like you, I have always loved to learn foreign languages.

    abcw team

    1. Thank you Leslie… I do the best I can… and I don’t mind people correcting me if I go wrong 😉

      I agree, the languages you don’t use, you forget. I never liked French, so that is mostly gone just a few words and thats it..

      Someday… on my bucketlist for years already… I want to learn Hebrew / Latin… because I would like to read the bible in it original language, and understand it too ofcourse 😉

      So we have more in common then only blogging- & abc- & dogs- fun and some lesser nice stuff

  3. I must say you do exceptionally well in your skills. I always enjoy your posts. It sounds like you had a difficult start in life. Instead of it knocking you down, I think it has made you into the strong and confident woman you are today.

    1. 😉 Thank you Photowannabe, what a ♥-warming comment!

      Yes that start could have been better indeed, life in general could have, but it is what it is…and although sometimes desperate I go on because giving in is never an option, there is to much beauty in life that makes it all worth while.

  4. My first language was Russian but as my older brother and sisters learned English that became the language I used especially since I started in public school where English was the only language spoken. Through the early years into high school I had many Mexican friends and picked up some Spanish, too. My Russian has fallen by the wayside and I can still understand it in a church setting I cannot speak it well. Great choice for the letter L, Melody.

    1. h wow Ellen, Russian… one of the intriguing languages to me.

      Things change when one does not speak the language regularly does it

      thank you Ellen.

  5. I too love learning languages and have learnt some local languages of India. Conversing is easy but the toughest part is being grammatically correct. 🙂
    Happy ABCW!

    1. Me to Indrani . I can imagine…. those languages are very difficult I guess, even more for people who have totally different languages

      Thank you, likewise.

  6. Apart from Language being a great choice for L, your write up is so interesting and absorbing, Melody:)
    An old friend of mine married a Dutch gentleman some 30 years back and now she speaks Dutch better than her mother-tongue:)
    What really amazes us is the fact that both their children are fluent in Dutch, English (they live in London) and Hindi..both of the kids look 100% European (they’ve taken after their dad) and speak Hindi dialect effortlessly..!

    1. Thank you Amit!

      haha the language one speak the most is the easiest after some time I guess

      A wonderful ability … because Dutch / English are somewhat the same but Hindi it something totally different..

    1. Thank you Nick.

      You’re not the only one 😉

      2 of your 3 are not mine … in stead of that I speak Dutch, German, English and my own dialect ofcourse 😉 A little bit French, to little to make it worth counting

  7. Hello, I like learning new words in different languages, but Dutch looks really hard… My language (Polish) is not easy either, even for Poles 🙂 I wish you wonderful week.

    1. Hi Klara…. me to…. 😉 the Polish language looks the same to me 😉
      Maybe we should teach eachother?

      Thank you wishing you the same!!

  8. In the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy there was a babel fish you popped into your ear which meant you could understand and converse in any language, I’d like one of those.

  9. Languages were my profession ! I learned English already with 10 because of the American occupation. French I learned because my parents moved to Brussels and I had to go to a French Business School after my German high school. Italian I learned because I wanted to understand what the Italian relatives said about me ! I have worked in American companies all my life and I think it is very important for children to learn as much languages as possible. My grandson’s mother tongue is Dutch, but he also speaks French and has already once per week English in his school and he is 6 !

    1. How wonderful that historie of yours.. I wish I had the opportunities to learn them to in those days…

      That I agree with you… they can’t learn languages enough

  10. Hello Melody,
    I am rather late in commenting this week, there’s a lot going on here, too much to explain just now!
    I too enjoy learning different languages, whenever and wherever I can.
    When I stopped working I took a French language course at Liverpool University, this also included
    politics and sociology. I learned some Turkish as we have had twelve trips there, but I struggled with
    it, so difficult. Also I’ve learned enough Spanish to get me around on holiday.
    I enjoyed reading your meme today and am sad for you having such a tough start, but I admire your
    strength and determination.
    In the UK there are several languages spoken including Gaelic, Welsh and of course English,
    Then there are several dialects spoken in many of the counties of England which I’m sure would
    confuse foreign visitors who may have worked hard in learning English initially.
    Beste Wensen,
    ABCW team.

    1. HI Di

      Not a problem… all in due time… I am always glad to see you here!

      I can imagine, hope he is doing all right?!

      Must be wonderful to get the chance to learn something beautiful as a language.

      😉 Dialects.. wonderful, I always enjoy UK-tv programms in which I can hear them .

      Dank je wel (lovely and well writen Dutch greeting)

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