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Round 20-J
My 134th entry – bijdrage
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Hello and good morning, -afternoon, -evening, dear people who all participate is this wonderful photo-meme, which is a joy to me, week after week, after week. I’m always curious to what you come up with!

The challenging letter of this week is J and I’ve chosen for the name Joop
This post is an introduction to all of you… meet my husband, Johannes Wilhelmus Antonius, called in short: Joop
(This photo is taken on juni 4th 2016, on Joops 59th birthday)

We met on sunday may 15th 1977 and became friends, part of a larger group with no couples in it at that time. Due to an accident on 28th of oktober 1979 I broke my back and landed in hospital for almost a year. He and (just) one other friend (who died 29th of december 2015 at the age of 58 due to cancer after her husband died in 2000 at the age of 54 due to cancer also. She left behind 4 young children, the youngest one was just 5 months old at the time her husband died) stayed at my side.

8th of june 1980 we became officially a couple. On the 25th of december 1980 we got engaged and on the 28th of april 1983 we started living together. On the 9th of december 1983 we got married. On the 10th of januari 1985 we became parents of our daughter and she became a sister on 29th of november 1990 when her brother was born. On 13th of march 2013 we became grandparents.

We have survived lots of anguish which almost drove us apart but we wouldn’t give in so we fought for our marriage, ourselves and our “significant other” and we succeeded!  Still going strong together and with full intent to keep it that way!

Have a nice ABC-Wednesday-day / – week ~
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  1. Of course – my dear – is tthere only one posisility for the letter J; HOOP. Of all men! Your one and only double o seven (-:

      1. I don’t know either Di… never mind, the second one came through 😉

        He is a happy cheerful person, always. He is very relaxed and does not bother to much about negative things, ‘waist of his time and energy’ he always sais..

        Thank you Di.

    1. Thank you.

      Indeed in hindsight it is… I have to because whatever happens, however I feel, giving up is, and has never been, an option.

    1. Thank you Ewok… We met in a dancing … where he worked as a barkeeper-bouncer ad I cam after being dragged there by a friend

  2. Thanks for your comment!
    Fighting for your marriage has much more satisfying result than simply throwing in the towel! Am happy for you two.
    About wijk bij Duurstede: At that time we had friends living close to Wijk (they have moved meanwhile), so we visited the market square and the castle. Are they still in renovation of it?

    1. You are welcome.
      Indeed it is….I agree totally.

      About… i am sorry, i can not answer that question because it has been several years that i have been there… we are not in touch for 13 years now.

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