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Mrs. Nesbitt’s ABC-Wednesday 

Round 20-I
My 135th entry – bijdrage
Started-Gestart: 28-08-2014 : 15-G

Hello and good morning, -afternoon, -evening, dear people who all participate is this wonderful photo-meme, which is a joy to me, week after week, after week. I’m always curious to what you come up with!

The challenging letter of this week is I and I’ve chosen for the word Island

The Netherlands, where I live, is a very small European country as you might know.
Part of The Netherlands are some islands, in total there are 25.
Some of them, 8 to be precise, lie above the mainland and are called (from left to right):
Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland, Schiermonnikoog, Noorderhaaks (also called: Razende Bol) Rottumerplaat & Rottumeroog. The first 5 have people living there, the last 3 don’t. I guess those names are difficult, impossible maybe, for you to pronounce…

Texel has 13.614 inhabitants, Vlieland 1103, Terschelling 4870, Ameland 3500, Schiermonnikoog 925.

Last Sunday I took a trip to Schiermonnikoog with a very dear friend of mine.
My husband was away all day, his wife also, so the both of us decided to go out of a foto-shooting-trip as we are great hobby-photographers. I came home in the evening with lots of photo’s ofcourse… so if you would like to take a look at them? Click HERE!  
By the way… to get there we ofcourse needed to use the ferry, although on the picture above the distance seems small, a direct line to sail is not possible so that trip takes about 45 minutes because the ferry has to make many curves and so extra miles.
From the house in which I live to the place where the ferry leaves is by car a drive of just a little more than one hour.

Have a nice ABC-Wednesday-day / – week ~
♫ M e l o d y ♫ (ABC-W-team)
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42 Geluchte Hartjes op “20-I

  1. het uitspreken valt mij mee
    voor velen is dit een mooi stukje aardrijkskunde les , en wel over deel van ons mooie landje
    ik zie zelfs mijn favoriete dorp , waar ik al sinds baby kom 😉

    alvast een fijne middag groet

    1. Tuurlijk, jij bent wel slimmmmm

      😉 Ja velen zullen dit niet weten, zeker niet bij zo’n buitenlandse foto-uitdaging.

      Bofbips… welke is dat dan?

          1. 5km onder de kop afsluitdijk aan de Friese kant 🙂
            volkomen mee eens , en we leren alle dagen nog

            ik zwaai alvast een goede nachtwens toe
            oant moarn

            1. Ja ik ken de naam en weet ook ongeveer wel waar het ligt maar ben er nog nooit geweest 😉

              Gelukkig wel want anders zou ik overlopen van alle ‘honger’ naar info

              dank je wel, zwaai terug, trussssssss

              1. ik voor mijn doen laat van bed en net aan het 1ste bakkie leut
                schreef ik bij wat maatjes dat ik na het werk met plumo en slangentrees m’n tuintje in zou wandelen , hoor ik plots de regen , dus dat zit weer ff tegen gggrrr

                er zijn zoveel plaatsen nog te ontdekken , ik kom er de laatste paar jaar al door velen op mijn wandelingen , waar ik nog nooit eerder van hoorde , en dat zijn dan ook weer lessen

                1. Lekker toch?

                  Ach joh, laat gaan, er zijn ergere dingen in de wereld, heb zo meteen nog een blog in het vooruitzicht met ergers.

                  Ja klopt, gelukkig wel hè?!
                  Heerlijk toch, zijn toch wel de mooiste lessen of niet dan?

        1. Dat hest ja weer heul nuver doan man, toovrn mit woordn is die ja wel touvertrouwd.

          Die bruier woit zien wegge wel mit vaarf en kwastn ja.

  2. Wow! Melody, you have a great eye for photography! LOVED scrolling through your photos from the day and think what a wonderful day trip you had. I’d love to see these sights for myself – you never know, when my back is fixed up again I might be able to spend a day walking in such beautiful surroundings.

    abcw team

    1. 😉 Thank you Leslie, what a lovely and heartwarming compliment, it is my greatest hobby besides blogging 😉 I’ve followed some courses and workshops too. Very eager to learn.

      It indeed was a very wonderful day, I’ve enjoyed it so much, still feel the peace and rest there in me.

      One does never know indeed…maybe someday you will, it is truly gorgeous there.

    1. Well you should, I’dd like to say. However small our country is, it has very much beautiful places to visit, particularly not the ‘regular tourists attraction places’.

      I can imagine 😉

  3. Too bad, I’ve never been on the island! Hubby has, since he is from Friesland. You beat me on most Wednesdays (beating at the game, meaning you are first), so I thought this Wed. to look you up first:)

    1. One impossible can visit every beautiful place, the world is far to large for that 😉

      😉 I indeed always watch the clock, because I want to be one of the first 😉

      Haha that was a nice thought, thank you.

  4. It seems to me that one is for holiday lets, but I don’t remember which one, my son and family were there for a few days.

  5. Thanks for the map and information. They make things a lot clearer for me now.
    What a nice adventure by ferry to an island in the sea!
    Your album is so interesting. I guess the old fortifications are from the war? Reminders of difficult days for The Netherlands.

    1. You are welcome 😉 , that is nice to read Dina.
      Yes it was (is) and does not take that much time, less then an hour.
      Thank you!
      Yes they indeed are. And still, so many years later, still so impressive, you can feel some of the anguish people had there in those days.

  6. You got me curious now, Melody, and I started reading about that Atlantic Wall that Nazi Germany built for the war. Oi … And I am remembering the stories of Maatje, a Dutch friend, how when she was a child the Allies bombed the dyke around her town of Westkapelle to flood the German occupation troops in Walcheren and thus make the Allied amphibious landing and liberation easier.
    We who grew up in the USA can’t even imagine how it must have been in occupied Europe.

    1. Hi Dina… I am curious about it also… I am born in 62 so far later. My grandparents and parents never wanted to talk about it. On my husbands side also. So all that I know, I know from stories from other people, school, books, internet and tv. I also can’t image how it must have been far mor horrible that we ever can imagine, I’m sure. In The Netherlands there are many places which are reminders of those days, still very impressive I can tell you, ominous to. I am a high-sensitive person so when ever I am on such locaties I get overwhelmed by lots of different emotions, really breathtaking!
      If you want to get a kind of impression about those times, you could perhaps watch some movies … not the regular war movies I mean but for example: “soldaat van oranje”, “pastorale 54”, “zwartboek” and others. I have to add though that I don’t know if they are available with English subtitles…

  7. I enjoy arriving at places by ferry especially small islands, What a nice trip, love the birds, the Wadden Islands must be great for watching nature.

    1. I do to although I haven’t done it to often jet, just a few times

      Indeed it was/is… yes that is right, we also have a large ‘wadden-area’ on the mainland which is protected and where one can find the rarest of waterbirds etc, so unbelievable gorgeous

    1. Thank you SU-Sieee
      Oh yes indeed I was, very much so…. If I had been able I would have put it in my backpack to place it in my own garden 😉 So sad I can’t perform magic ;-))

      Always nice to learn something new, isn’t it?

    1. If that were true yes but no…

      Niels is one of my best friends…. I’ve met him years ago on the internet, he was divorced at that time… I had a girlfriend who was divorced as well.. .so after some time I’ve introduced them to each other because I thought they would fit together quit well, and I was right, they have been married for more that 12,5 year now 😉

      When my girlfriend (his wife) has to work… and my husband too…. then He and I often go out out photoshoots… like last sunday…

      My husband feels the same like your wife does, he enjoys my photographs but not the time it takes to make them 😉

      Thank you Arnoldo, likewise, take care and be safe !!

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