Mrs. Nesbitt’s ABC-Wednesday 


Hello and good morning, -afternoon, -evening, dear people who all participate is this wonderful photomeme, which is a joy to me, week after week, after week. I’m always curious to what you come up with!

The challenging letter of this week is the and I’ve chosen for the word Objective

How ever one chooses to live life, how ever ones character is… where ever one was born and raised… what ever one does or not does….
Every person has an objective … more than one I even would dare to state!
Maybe we all have, deep down, the same objective besides many different ones….

The prerogative of a woman, so people say, is her curiosity. So lets not beat around the bush, you all know what I am… smile
So, please…. Liberate me from my nagging question and tell me your top-3 objectives

My top-3 is….
1) Learn to deal in a better way with my health-issues
2) Starting studies again… another language, art-history, animal-welfare etc.
3) Making THIS journey

Have ave a nice ABC-Wednesday-day / – week ~ ♫ M e l o d y ♫ (ABC-W-team)


Goedemorgen / – middag / – avond beste deelnemers in deze mooi foto-uitdaging, waar ik week na week iedere keer weer veel plezier beleef. Ik ben elke week weer heel benieuwd naar waar jullie mee komen.

De uitdagende letter van deze week is de letter O en ik koos voor het woord Objectief

Hoe iemand ook kiest zijn leven te leven… wat ook maar iemands karakter is… waar iemand ook maar geboren en getogen is… wat iemand ook doet of laat…
Iedere persoon heeft een objectief …. ik zou zelfs durven stellen wel meer dan één!

Het voorrecht van een vrouw, zo zegt men, is haar nieuwsgierigheid. Laten we dus maar niet om de hete brij heen draaien want jullie weten immers allemaal wat ik ben glimlach
Dus alsjeblieft… Verlos mij van die prangende vraag en vertel me jouw top-3 objectieven

Mijn top-3 is…
1) Beter leren omgaan met mijn fysieke en mentale (on-)-mogelijkheden
2) Weer studies oppakken…. taal, kunstgeschiedenis, dierenwelzijn etc.
3) DEZE reis maken.

Wens je een fijne ABC-Wednesday-dag / – week. ~♫ M e l o d y ♫ (ABC-W-team)

Over Melody

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34 reacties

  1. Dag Melody, ik krijg mijn reacties op jouw berichten niet geplaatst. Linken lukt wel.
    Dit is een zoveelste poging…

    • Hoioi, ze staan er nu hoor….. ik moest ze nog goedkeuren…. geen idee waarom want jij had al ‘toestemming’ van mij, om reacties te plaatsen, gekregen.
      een wp-dingetje waarop ik geen invloed heb

      ik waardeer het wel dat je blijft proberen hoor!

  2. Wauw…. wat een mooi uitgebeelde spreuk!

  3. Prachtige trap! En goed advies, Melody!

  4. Love the stairway quote.
    It is certainly sage advice.
    Have a wonderful week Melody.

  5. Oh, mijn therapeut zal wég zijn van deze spreuk. Maar van mij hoort-ie niets, haha (-:
    Dikke kus

  6. What an awesome quote. I’ll remember that~


  7. Sometimes it feels so random

    • Yes it does… but I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason… so if that occurs, I try to find out why it is occurring

  8. Right now, I am very young so my objectives are
    1. To make my parents happy and proud
    2. Earn a lot of money for a luxurious life for my family
    3. Learn to drive without killing anyone

    • Hi DeeDee… keep that youth in you, always, age is just a number, nothing important about that 😉

      Lovely objectives… the word that comes to my mind in all three is love and I am very very pleased t read that you know what that is because you have it in you and around you.

      Wishing you love and all else you long for.

  9. Outstanding!!
    Objective is a great choice..and the picture meaningful!

  10. Very beautiful post.

  11. That first step is usually half the battle. Nice post for the letter O!

  12. My objectives are to be grateful, to be gracious and to make love uppermost in my life.

  13. Wonderful post for O and love the staircase photo and its message! thanks!

    Wishing you a Happy Week ^_^

  14. A fine trio, the most challenging I think is the first.

  15. And be sure to watch out for the last one on the way down! – Margy

  16. Three objectives? One is to get rid of a lot of our belongings. Two is to stop feeling anxious so much. And, three is to ride my bicycle again. Thanks for having me think and stating them, Melody. 🙂

    • Hi Su-Sieee

      ‘downsizing’ can be a good thing… I think, like overhere, there where you live there are lots of poor people who would be very happy with the things you don’t want to use any longer?

      The second one I do understand, having struggled with that for many many years. Since last april I’ve started a therapy which helped/helpes me very very much, I am almost totally free of it now, what a relieve and pure blessing that is.

      Three… a wish of my own to… I sometimes do it, little by little again making more meters… my back has been broken so I was not able to ride a bicycle for a very long time.

      You are welcome Su-siee and from the bottom of my heart I wish you all the best and good luck in achieving your wishes.

  17. You got me thinking, Melody, because I’m on the downside of the hill now.

    1. Travel as much as possible to as many places as possible before I can’t.
    2. Keep my health good and my body strong.
    3. Continue to smile whenever I get knocked down. (It happens a lot, both literally and figuratively) *smile*

    • HI Leslie, how sorry I am to read this so first of all I give you a virtual but not less sincere, hug!!

      Your 3 objectives are quit logical, linked to your first remark.
      The first one sounds a little bit scary, I hope I read something different than what you’ve meant in it..
      The second one, always a good thing, but don’t forget to live with joy also
      The third one…. I know how that feels so I wish for you, uncountable reasons to smile every day!!

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